Our own
model adapted to the needs of brands..

Our agency model allows us to adopt different roles in our clients’ projects. Our deep strategic focus, permanent business orientation, and digital core allow us to act as a Global Agency (Integrated Advertising Services) or as a Specialised Agency (Partner Agency in a specific discipline).

Integrated Advertising




Media Planning (TV, radio, digital, outdoor, print)

Digital Business

Inbound Marketing

Branded Content

Social Media

Direct Marketing

Production and Motion

Digital Business / Digital Innovation

Innovation, design and technology

Personalised Digital Production (Full Stack Ecosystems, Website, Microsite, Landing Pages, ecommerce, App, rich media, digital video, augmented reality)

APP Marketing (Strategy, Visibility, Acquisition, Content, Creativity)

Digital Media (Media, programmatic purchase and RTB, retargeting, in-stream and out-stream video, affiliate campaigns)

Adwords (Search, display and video)

SEO (Website, mobile)

ASO & App Indexing

Inbound Marketing

Digital Customer Research (Measurement, mapping, analysis and key metrics, optimisation, reporting and attribution models)

Content Marketing (branded content, sponsored posts, native advertising)

Social Media Management

Advertising on Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn y Twitter)

Big Data and Active Social Listening

Digital CRM

Metrics and


  • Measurement strategy and roadmap
  • Definition of KPIs and dashboard design
  • Mapping and tool selection
  • Culture, processes and governance

Data  Integration

  • Implementation of tools
  • Tag management
  • Data integration (DMPs)
  • Data Automation
  • Data quality assurance

Roi & Conversión

  • Quickwins analysis
  • Funnel conversion & Conversión Rate Optimization
  • Campaign Attribution
  • Device Attribution
  • Alarm System

Inteligencia de Consumidor 

  • Big Data Customer Profiling
  • Audience Extension & Enriching Remarketing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Personalization & targeting
  • Recommendation & Market Basket Analysis

Content and Conversation

Strategy and Creativity

Press Relations

Brand Storytelling

Video (production and post-production)

Social amplification (Social Media, Influencers Marketing)

Social Media & Community Management (Social Media Strategists, Community Manager)

Social Ads (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)

Social Media Optimisation

Monitoring and active social listening


Experience, Events and PR

Comprehensive design and production (corporate, product, media)

Technical secretary

Audiovisual production

Team Building

Ambient Marketing

Social Amplification